Do social media sites waste time, distract from work and drain a company's resources?

Are social media sites accessible to your employees during work time? Do you have a policy related to their use/access?

This is a hot topic for all employers. Recently Google commissioned a study with the London-based marketing and research group Millward Brown to examine just how social media is used in business today. For the study, Millward Brown researchers interviewed 2,700 business professionals who work in Western Europe about their social media habits in the workplace. The results are as follows:

Clearly the use of social media in the work place is a hot topic. Having a strategy/plan in place to control/maximizes the utilization of social media during working hours is critical. Propeller HR Solutions can assist your organization in developing a social media policy which will drive results and ensure your organization is protected. Contact us at 312-342-7355 to discuss further.